On Tempest, Triumphs & Trump

In turbulent time, natural calamities are seen to produce disastrous results. A gale or a tornado results in widespread destruction, but a zephyr, on the other hand, can’t leave any impression. The same nature has two different images. Most of us would like to avoid the first one and appreciate the second. South Asians still remember the severe cyclonic storm ‘Aila’ that claimed at least 190 lives in Bangladesh and 149 in neighbouring India on May 26-27, 2009. Although gentle breezes get no such name (like Aila) to get reckoned, they bring respite for us especially in summer days. A question somehow arises, thus, which one is efficient – Aila or the evening breeze? It can firmly be said that the second one is more efficient…..
Efficiency or ability or potentiality is basically a ‘positive’ idea (or concept). Efficiency or ability or any potential change seems to bring some positive changes in our society. It’s wrong to assume the power of calamity or disaster as the potential of nature. Disaster should be considered as a self-destroying weakness of Mother Nature. Leaders, like Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, seem to have this weakness….

Donald Trump

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany had signed a nuclear deal with Iran in 2015. The US promised that it wouldn’t impose fresh economic sanctions on Iran, as the West Asian nation agreed to scrap its nuclear programme. The deal helped improve the US-Iran ties a lot, although the two countries failed to normalise their relations. However, President Trump pulled the US out of the deal on May 8, vowing to restore economic sanctions on Tehran. The move prompted Iran to take counter-measures against the US.
In South Asia, India – along with the US – plays an important role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. However, some forces are trying hard to disrupt the projects undertaken by India there. As per news, there is an increase in attacks on the Indian workers stationed in Afghanistan and seven Indians have been abducted in recent times.

Kim Jong-un

US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim recently stunned the global community, as they agreed to meet in Singapore in June. Later, Pyongyang issued a strong statement against Washington, prompting President Trump to cancel the meeting. The president sent a letter to Kim on May 24, saying that it might not be possible for him to attend the meeting. President Trump once again changed his mind on May 25, as he hinted that the meeting could take place on June 12 as per original schedule. The global community is still not sure whether the meeting will take place in Singapore. In case, the two leaders cancel the meeting, the world will have to be prepared to embrace the uncertainty again.

US President’s letter

Being a powerful state is not a crime. Each and every nation has the right to enjoy military power. However, it’s important to use the power for the benefit of humankind. Both the US and North Korea have a (global) duty to resolve their outstanding issues through peaceful negotiation.

Hassan Rouhani

Everyone, including President Trump, Kim and Hassan Rouhani, will have to realise that disaster is not desirable. Also, there are other people who are ready to create sensation and the list is long……… Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, non-state actors, etc. A ‘responsible’ power cannot play negative roles (directly or indirectly). America, Russia, China are powerful nations, while North Korea has nuclear weapons and Iran is implementing nuclear programme. These countries are constantly trying to influence the geopolitics in different parts of the world and their activities can easily trigger a disaster. They should be aware of the fact that disaster cannot prove anyone’s ability or strength, but leave a negative impression.
It is generosity, may be coupled with a sense of reason, which can bring forth the outcome desired by most of the rest of the world and help the ‘powerful’ nations prove their efficiency.

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