In Pursuit Of Socialist Seed…

The person must possess the appropriate political qualifications…. he should love the ‘socialist motherland’…. should be loyal to the leadership of the ruling party….. should follow the party line…
No, these conditions have not been set for any political or military training programme. Actually, these are part of a sperm donation drive launched recently by Peking University Third Hospital. The largest sperm bank in Beijing has these conditions as a prerequisite for sperm donors. According to sources close to the hospital, the concerned authorities have placed the ad – circulated widely on the social media – mentioned support for the Communist Party and Chinese President Xi Jinping as their top requirements for potential donors.

President Xi recently launched a drive in order to restore the Communist Party’s place at the centre of everyday life in China. As a part of the drive, the Xi administration has started using socialist banners in city streets to sensitise people. Now, the president has targeted the reproduction system to spread the party loyalty. The ad clearly stated: “(The donors must) love the socialist motherland and embrace the leadership of the Communist Party. (He must) be loyal to the party’s tasks, be decent, law-abiding and be free of any political problems.”

Meanwhile, scientists have ridiculed the ad, saying that sperm cannot determine (or ensure) these characteristics in human beings, as political consciousness or awareness is closely linked to the environment. Gynaecologists are of the opinion that the genes cannot shape the intellectual quotient of a person. They have admitted that parents, opting IVF or surrogacy, often demand sperms of sportspersons, doctors or chartered accountants. However, the fact is that sperm cannot guarantee professional success or a particular political philosophy.
“Maybe they haven’t learnt biology. Acquired traits can’t be passed down,” wrote one user on Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging website.

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