Tryst With Trust

A store with a stock of around 20,000 books…. However, there is no support staff or cash counter in the store. Only a cashbox – called the ‘Trust Box’ – awaits the visitors. They can purchase any book and drop their money in the Trust Box before leaving the store. Indeed, it’s amazing!

‘Book Hero’, Dubai’s first-ever 24×7 ‘trust’ bookshop, is situated at Marina Walk. Bookworms can visit the store whenever they wish to. The owner of Book Hero, Montserrat Martin, has thanked his partner and Emirati entrepreneur Mohammed Abdulla Alqubaisi for coming up with such an idea, saying that they believe in customer trust. Talking to the media over the weekend, Martin stressed: “We don’t employ staff simply because we trust our customers. I visit the place once a day to replace stock and collect money.”

Asked whether someone could steal a book and walk away, the owner replied: “Nobody would steal a book and even if someone does, it would cost me just AED 300 which is nothing compared to what I would spend on hiring staff and paying for overheads, like visa and insurance.”
According to Martin, booklovers can easily navigate through prices at Book Hero, as books are tagged with green and yellow stickers to indicate their prices, ranging from AED 10 to AED 20, respectively.

Although majority of the books are in English and Arabic, booklovers will also find novels in French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese languages there. Describing the store as a “one-world destination” for bookworms, Martin said that people – holidaying in Dubai – should visit the city’s first-ever ‘24×7’ bookshop as it would be a truly unique experience for them.

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