US Plans To Create Autonomous Region In Syria!

The number of violent clashes and artillery strikes recently increased in the Syrian city of Raqqa, currently seized by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Front.
Al Jazeera has reported that the city was targeted by coalition jets 1,215 times between June 6 and July 30, and around 1,300 strikes have been carried out there since January.
The US’ activities in Syria are growing not only in the air, but also on the ground. A couple of days ago, BuzzFeed correspondent Borzou Daragahi tweeted images of American armoured vehicles (more and more often seen in northern Syria) roaming in the city. Moreover, Daragahi, in his article published in BuzzFeed, mentioned that the Donald Trump administration was constantly interfering in the Syrian conflict.
Daragahi said that former President Barack Obama took a balanced stand on the Syrian crisis. With the previous president in office, the US military provided mainly intelligence support to coalition forces, aiding Kurdish troops on the ground. Now, the Pentagon has started full-scale activity, deploying special operation forces, artillery, aviation and fleet in the war-ravaged West Asian country.

(Image: Borzou Daragahi)

Meanwhile, Alan Dwyer, a USAID disaster relief specialist, has been spotted in Syria. He met local officials and the representatives of some humanitarian organisations in Ain al-Issa town, near Raqqa. The meeting hints that the US has a plan what to do with these territories after the defeat of the Islamic State.
President Trump and his military advisers have decided to shift the US’ policy towards Syria. While former President Obama actively supported the opposition radical groups only to ouster President Bashar Al-Assad, the current US president seems to have bet on the Kurds and intends to create an autonomous region loyal to Washington (with no consent from Damascus). That is why the presence of American forces keeps growing every day.
Today though, one can only guess what such actions towards a sovereign state will lead to. It’s quite possible that they will provoke another stage of the bloody conflict, instead of helping to seek the ways for solving it.

Article sent by Mehmet Ersoy of Inside Syria Media Centre

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