India Invited To Take Part In Reconstruction Of Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has urged India to help his government reconstruct the West Asian nation.
Speaking at an event in Damascus over the weekend, the Syrian president said that India is welcome to play a role in the reconstruction of the war-ravaged country. He described both India and Syria as victims of terror, saying that New Delhi and Damascus should fight against the global menace together.
President Assad informed the audience that his government would implement some projects for the overall development of Syria. “India is welcome to play an economic role in the reconstruction of Syria, something we have already started. We started a project in Damascus, and now we are expanding that project in most of the cities in Syria, of course after the liberation from ISIS and al-Nusra and those terrorist groups. Of course, we welcome any Indian company,” stressed the president.
Meanwhile, Assad expressed hope that India and Syria could learn from each other how to fight against terror, insisting that it would be important for the two “friendly” nations to form a “genuine coalition” against terrorism. He praised India for taking a stand on the Syrian war on the basis of international law and the UN Charter, and independent of those countries that sought to pressure New Delhi to end all ties. Assad hinted that India would be among the first countries he plans to visit after the war is over.
Meanwhile, India has requested the Gulf countries to resolve their differences through peaceful negotiations and normalise ties with Qatar. The Narendra Modi government in New Delhi issued a statement, saying: “We are closely following the emerging situation in the Gulf region in the wake of the recent decision by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and some other countries to break diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar.”
India expressed hope that all the West Asian nations should respect well-established international principles of mutual respect, sovereignty and non interference in the internal affairs of other countries. A senior official of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said that the South Asian nation had time-tested friendly relations with member countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC). According to the official, India has vital stakes in the regional peace and stability, as nearly eight million Indian expatriates are living and working in Gulf countries.

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