Trump Isolating Himself

The posterity of position makes the office-bearer perfect. This concept has been questioned before. But in recent times, one of the most important office-bearers of this world and American President Donald Trump has repeatedly tried to prove the concept wrong.
There is hardly any doubt about the fact that America is still the most powerful country in the world. Also, there is little doubt that the highest office-bearer of America is the most powerful person in the world. It is expected that people, who enjoy such power, should be careful with their comments, steps, behaviour, messages and decisions. Otherwise, they could trigger disasters. Probably, Trump has failed to realise this fact. The world considers America as ‘melting pot’. Unfortunately, the president of this country is trying to maintain a safe distance with the international community through his ‘America first’ policy.
Of course, it is important for a head of state to serve the interests of his/her own country. But, there are various ways to tell the truth. Trump has made clear that he will serve only America’s interests and he does not want to think too much about the current global situation. He did not even show courtesy in the past and would do the same in future. He has not only asked foreign nationals and refugees to leave America, but also criticised those countries, which provided foreign refugees with shelters.

Recently, President Trump refused to shake hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On May 25, he did shake newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron’s hand intensely, but the handshake grip between them prompted major social media scrutiny. According to observers, the two leaders’ knuckles went white during the handshake and Trump seemed to want to disengage first. On that day, he triggered another controversy by physically brushing aside Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic when NATO leaders walked together toward a planned photo opportunity in Brussels. Later, the US president said that “Germans are very bad” during a meeting with senior EU leaders in the Belgian capital and also hinted that the cars, produced in Germany, would not be sold in America.
The US is in awkward position because of the president’s controversial comments, gestures and activities at global stage. It is not that he delivered controversial and irresponsible speeches only after becoming the president. Trump did so during his campaign ahead of the US Presidential Poll in 2016. At that time, many thought that it was a part of his tactics to win the election and he would become a responsible statesman after becoming the president. Probably, they also believed posterity of position makes the office-bearer perfect. (However) for Trump, his own ‘glory’ is much more important than the glory of his position. So, he is not trying to become fit for the position. Instead, he has decided to make the post ‘fit’ for him. He is actually isolating himself (and America) from the rest of the world. Who will make him realise what does the world expect of him?


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  1. Here’s the thing – the days where foreign could “expect” anything out of America are over, hopefully forever. To0 long have we cared too much about foreigners feelings, situations, a problems. Too long have spent our blood and treasure for the sake of others, others who rarely show gratitude for what we’ve done.

    I just hope we take it to its logical conclusion and let you all stew in your own problems. No more foreign aid, no more military aid, certainly no more sending our troops anywhere just to prevent one group of foreigners from savaging another.


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