Who Will Save The Common Man?

After a gap of nearly 10 years, terror returned to Britain on May 22. Since the July 2007 incident, militant activities have decreased in the European country. No such incident took place in Britain in the last decade and despite social instability, peace prevailed in the country. However, the terror attack in Manchester changed the scenario.
Now, major British cities are deeply upset. Britain, which is gearing up for snap Parliamentary Election, has realised that it will have to go through a very difficult time. Although Prime Minister Theresa May stressed that Britain was fully prepared to face any challenge, her assurance was not well appreciated. Britons have criticised the May government for making false promises. A Manchester attack survivor has said that young people will no longer take part in social gatherings. Who will save the common people from terror attacks, asked the survivor who wished to remain anonymous.
The Islamic State (IS) has every right to describe the Manchester attack as its biggest success. The IS did what it wanted to do. The terror attack was aimed at launching a war in which victory is not important. The IS only wants to create tension in Britain and neighbouring countries.

Since the 22-year-old suicide bomber Salman Abedi is the son of Libyan parents who reportedly fled their native country and sought refuge in Britain, British policy-makers have strongly criticised the country’s immigration policy. The long-standing tradition of tolerance was very strong in Britain. However, the Brexit movement and protest against arrival of the Syrian refugees have broken the tradition. Experts predict that the Manchester incident will raise the velocity of the breakdown of traditional values and beliefs.
Many believe that pro-Brexit Conservative Party will benefit from this attack ahead of the snap Parliamentary Election. It is a fact that some Labour Party leaders have requested the people not to react to rumours during the national disaster. But, it has become increasingly difficult for British leaders to handle social anger. The May 22 terror attack has endangered not only Manchester, but the entire Britain (and Europe).
Following the deadly attack, American singer Ariana Grande planned to return to Manchester to spend time with her fans and to “have a benefit concert in honour of and to raise money for the victims and their family”. But, who will attend her show?


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