Time Is Running Out

What kind of a war is this? What is the purpose of killing innocent and unarmed people? In whose interest the war is going on? Why we fail to understand the fact that we can reach nowhere by killing innocent civilians? There can be no welfare of humanity due to such horrific attacks. Those, who have triggered the barbaric and deadly attack in Manchester on May 22, are the biggest enemies of humanity. They are the most hated opponents of civilisation.
It is difficult to say how often human civilisation is faced with such a great crisis in its long history. But we have to remember that terrorism is not a communal crisis, not a political crisis and also not an imperialist crisis. Terrorism is another face of barbarism and a humanitarian crisis. The world has experienced terrorism at different places and at different times. The world has also seen the slavery, bloody clashes between blacks and whites, exploitation by the imperialists, two World Wars and damage caused by the atomic explosions. Those were not only the crisis of humanity, but also the crisis of not being able to understand the essence of civilisation. But, terrorism has overtaken the extent of those crises.

Manchester was enjoying the ‘joy of life’ on Tuesday night. Suddenly, terror claimed 22 lives and injured 59 others. Orlando experienced the same on June 12, 2016, when 29-year-old security guard Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 others inside Pulse, a gay nightclub. Same story has been repeated also in Paris, Nice, Brussels, Mumbai, New York, Dhaka and London at different times.
The tragic loss of life will never help us reach a great destination. Terrorists call the festival of death and bloodshed “struggle”. But, it is a misinterpretation of the word. These people do not even know their destination. Terrorists, like their activities, are directionless and their aim is also not clear. They are targeting innocent people because of their thirst for blood. People, who use extreme injustice as a tool of ‘war’, should be brought to justice.

Terror is a symbol of evil. The symbolism of terrorism has been said to exploit human fear to help them achieve their goals. So, the fight against terrorism is a ‘battle between good and evil’ and we have to win this battle. So far, the global community has overcome many crises of civilisation. Terrorism may have been a major crisis. However, the power of humanity is much bigger than terrorism. We have to harness the power of humanity in order to defeat terrorism in all its forms. To build the resistance, the international community needs to be united. But, we will have to act fast, as the time is running out. The world, which stands by the government and people of Britain in this hour of distress, will have to fight a decisive battle and to defend the humanity.


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