‘China Has Open Attitude’

China has open attitude for co-operation with neighbouring India and “common friend” Russia.
The Chinese Defence Ministry has said that the Asian giant is eager to maintain communication with India and Russia on the upcoming meeting between senior officials of the three countries’ Defence Ministries. In a statement, the Chinese ministry said that Beijing “has an open attitude for co-operation” with New Delhi and Moscow especially in the defence sector. The statement was issued (on April 13) soon after the Russian media reported that Beijing rejected Moscow’s proposal for a trilateral meet, keeping Pakistan’s sensitivities in mind.
Speaking at a press conference, a top Chinese Defence Ministry official rubbished the Russian media reports and termed the development of a strategic triangle “unrealistic”, given the mutual distrust between China and India. He claimed that the mutual distrust between the two Asian neighbours encouraged the Russian media to publish such reports. The official assured the global community that China would try hard to resolve the issue through the RIC (Russia, India, China) mechanism under which the foreign ministers of the three countries meet every year.
Meanwhile, Beijing admitted that it sent no direct messages to New Delhi on this subject. In an article published on April 13, the state-run “Global Times” said that the top Chinese political leadership would form “the architecture of a security co-operation” among the three regional powers at a suitable time. “With the absence of a trilateral security pattern, involving Russia, China and India which are located in a single geopolitical space, the development of a strategic triangle would be however unrealistic now, given the mutual distrust between China and India,” added the daily.
Global Times once again urged India not to consider China as a threat, despite the fact that both are contesting for supremacy in South Asia and Southeast Asia. “Apart from India’s concerns over China’s relations with Pakistan, the border dispute remains another thorny issue. In spite of regular joint working group meetings and ministerial meetings between the two sides, there has been no substantial progress on the border issue,” it added.
As far as the trilateral defence co-operation is concerned, Beijing said that defence ties between China, Russia and India recently triggered heated discussions in the West. The Chinese Defence Ministry official sent a strong message to the US and its Western allies, insisting that Beijing, Moscow and New Delhi would join hands to ensure global peace and they would never allow other global powers to dictate terms. He explained that the relations between China and India are relatively weak and the India-Russia relationship had seen ups and downs in the past couple of decades. However, the ties between China and Russia are on a fast track. So, Beijing and Moscow have decided to stabilise their ties with New Delhi and make a strong alliance to counter the Western influence in global geopolitics.
The Chinese ministry further advised the international community not to view the idea of China-Russia-India strategic triangle as futile, saying that the three countries would play an active and positive global role and “contribute to a more just and balanced world order that China has been promoting”.


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