German Leader Urges Major Powers To Overcome Geopolitics

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the Chairperson of Germany’s ‘Civil Rights Movement Solidarity’ party, has urged the US, Russia, China, India and Germany to overcome geopolitics in an attempt to resolve the current global crises.
In an editorial piece appeared in the February 3 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, Zepp-LaRouche said the major powers should realise the fact that the current global crises could not be resolved with old formulas and geopolitical gambits. She also said that the five nations should abandon the age-old “eye for an eye” approach and try to identify their common interests by applying a higher level of reason.
Zepp-LaRouche welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s proposal of forming an alliance with Washington and Beijing to find solutions for modern day challenges. The Russian minister made the proposal while addressing the Duma on January 25. Lavrov told the Duma: “We believe that as Russia, the US and China build their relations, this triangle should not be closed or directed towards some projects that could worry other states. (They should be) open and fair. I am convinced that the economic structure of Russia, the US and China is such that there is a great deal of complementarity in the material and economic sphere.”
The seasoned German politician stressed: “Two mighty systems strive for undivided mastery of the world – namely, the old, war-inducing system of geopolitics, and the new, future-oriented paradigm of the common destiny of mankind.” She claimed that the collapse of formerly neo-liberal order of globalisation prompted representatives of the old system to react sharply to the new world order. Zepp-LaRouche explained that British Prime Minister Theresa May, during her recent visit to Washington, tried to “corral the new US administration into the geometry of the British Empire”. According to the German leader, people, like the British premier, failed to accept the new world order that is guided by “entirely opposite principles, based on the win-win co-operation”. As an example, she mentioned China’s New Silk Road that is rapidly expanding.
Zepp-LaRouche further noted that senior spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying welcomed Lavrov’s invitation to “play an important role with respect to international security questions”, saying that the Asian giant, and also American President Donald Trump, rightly realised that they could no longer interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.
The Solidarity leader expressed hope that President Trump would spell the end of “old” geopolitics by opting for close co-operation with Russia, China and India. At the same time, she warned the supporters of geopolitics, saying that the total denial of reality could produce ludicrous effects. Terming the Brexit and Trump’s election as narrow-minded stupidity, Zepp-LaRouche once again urged Europe to join hands in order to save the liberal world order.
The German politician believes that constructive co-operation between the US, Russia, China, India and Germany will not only give birth to a new strategic alliance, but will also create a win-win situation, keeping in mind that the first contacts between President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have already led to positive declarations of intent.


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