Russia Urged To Calm India, Save CPEC

China, which wants Russia to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), has requested Kremlin to “calm” India and save the mega project.
Although the Russian embassy in Pakistan has denied the report, the Chinese daily ‘Global Times’ recently published an article according to which Beijing made such a request to ensure Russia’s participation in the CPEC. Li Xing, the author of the article, said that China was ready to allow Russia to use Pakistan’s Gwadar Port in order to give a big boost to Sino-Russian ties. Li believes that the move will also strengthen future multinational co-operation.
Noted global markets, business and investment strategist Panos Mourdoukoutas is of the opinion that China can make such a request to Russia as the Asian giant knows that a sound infrastructure is a pre-condition for the economic integration of neighbouring countries. In an article published in Forbes magazine on January 8, Mourdoukoutas stated that China wants to use Russia to appease India, which claims control of a crucial part of CPEC.
According to the strategist, China is interested in ruling the next era of globalisation through the CPEC. As CPEC will serve as the express link between western China, West Asia and Africa, Beijing has invested USD 46 billion in this mega project. However, the geographical location of a part of the CPEC has created problems for China because the Corridor passes through Pakistani regions claimed by India. With Pakistan and India fighting for control of these regions, China (perhaps) has decided to make peace with India.
So far, China has failed to appease India. And it is not possible for the top Chinese political leadership to break the ice especially after blocking India’s efforts to join the NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group). Beijing believes that Russia can save the CPEC project by playing a mediator’s role between India and Pakistan.
But, the job is not so easy for Russia too. New Delhi has already conveyed to Moscow through diplomatic channels its unease over Kremlin’s purported “secret talks” with Islamabad to explore possibility of its joining the CPEC. India made clear that it would oppose the proposed CPEC project as the Corridor would include areas that were part of Jammu and Kashmir and were under illegal occupation of Pakistan. India also expressed hope that its “old friend” Russia would understand its sensitivity.
Soon after New Delhi conveyed its concerns to Moscow, the Russian authorities claimed that they held no secret talks with Islamabad. On November 29, 2016, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement, saying: “Reports appearing in Pakistan’s media about some ‘secret talks’ between Russia and Pakistan on the creation of the CPEC do not correspond to the realities. The possibility of Russia joining this initiative is not being discussed with Islamabad.”


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