Trump Ready To Supply Advanced Weapons To India

The recent victory of Donald Trump in US Presidential Elections may bring good news for India, as Shalabh Kumar – an Indian-American business tycoon and one of Trump’s biggest donors – has hinted that the president-elect is open to advanced weapons trade with the South Asian country.
Kumar and his daughter Manasvi Mamga, known as close associates of the Republican president-elect, recently revealed that Trump was ready to break new ground in selling advanced weapons systems to India. Talking to the Indian media over the weekend, Kumar said that the Trump administration would increase the volume of American weapons export to New Delhi as part of its plan to lift bilateral trade from a little more than USD 100 billion to USD 300 billion in the next four years.
Kumar, the founder and President of the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) in America, stressed that President-elect Trump had a bigger plan for India. As Trump considers India as the US’ most important strategic partner in South Asia, he has even decided to export armed drones to the country, he added. Asked whether the president-elect has any plan to discuss the issue with the Narendra Modi government in near future, Kumar insisted that Trump would try to get new legislation through the US Congress that is controlled by Republicans. “It should be no problem at all. We should have that legislation in a pretty short time,” he stressed.
According to Kumar, Trump plans to strengthen ties with India mainly to acknowledge the Indian-origin peoples’ contribution to his election victory. He revealed that “while 16% of Hindu Americans voted for the Republican Party in 2012, a whopping 65% of them voted for Trump on November 8, 2016”.
Kumar assured the Modi government that President-elect Trump would not only strengthen ties with India, but also help the country bolster its defence sector. Recalling that Trump said he loves India during his election campaign, the business leader stressed that nothing has changed since then and India will soon realise that it has friends in Washington.
Immediately after winning the election, Trump praised the Indian premier, saying that PM Modi was doing a great job. He congratulated Modi for changing the perception about the South Asian country after becoming the prime minister. The president-elect also said that for India, “there was no reason to fear any major change” in US policy.


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