Iran Ready To Mediate Between India, Pakistan

Iran has agreed to help neighbouring India and Pakistan ‘normalise’ their ties.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who attended the ‘Heart of Asia’ conference in northern Indian city of Amritsar on Sunday, said that Tehran was ready to mediate between the two nuclear-armed neighbours, if they agreed.
Addressing the conference, Zarif said that it would be important for the global community to root out terrorism first. He told the audience that terror outfits would never allow Asia to prosper. He further pitched for regional connectivity and shared prosperity in South Asia, saying that Iran was partnering with India in order to stabilise Afghanistan. If situation arises, Iran will help both India and Pakistan resolve their outstanding issues.
The minister stressed: “Iran is a close friend of India, as well as Pakistan. We would like the relations between our friends to improve. We are ready to do whatever we can, if both our friends so desire.” On the occasion, Zarif said that India, Iran and Japan were working hard to provide Afghanistan with access to the port of Chahbahar, adding that the Iranian port would certainly help address “root causes” of the Afghan crisis.
In the presence of top officials from 40 countries, the Iranian minister termed the Afghan economy as an “informal war economy”, saying that it was based on war-lordism and drug trade. At the same time, Zarif assured the international community that Iran and India would try to create a formal economy in Afghanistan with the help of Chahbahar port. He explained that the port would provide Afghanistan with an easy access to global market. Kabul can earn foreign currency by selling iron ore and other minerals, he added.
However, the visiting Iranian minister made clear that the global community would have to join hands against terrorism, saying that support to terrorism was unacceptable. “Demagogues are exploiting alienation and insecurity as the demand for respect for some people is not being addressed,” he further said, arguing that religion had nothing to do with terrorism. According to Zarif, atheistic societies are also witnessing terror acts.
He pitched for dialogue and peace talks in conflict zones, stressing that supporters of terrorism should be isolated, or else they would jeopardise the global security scenario. “No agreement is sustainable if one side gains and other side loses. An agreement has to be a win-win situation. Diplomats usually reach the right option after exhausting all the wrong options,” added the minister. He expressed hope that all the enduring conflicts across the globe, like in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, could be resolved through diplomacy.


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