Tough Time Ahead For Illegal Immigrants In US

Illegal immigrants in America are all set to face difficulties, as President-elect Donald Trump has hinted that he will immediately deport or jail nearly three million undocumented immigrants.
Although Trump has toned down some of his rhetoric since November 8 election triumph, he has made clear that his administration will crack down on undocumented immigrants in America. Tackling illegal immigration was a major Trump campaign plank and looks like he is out to act as declared.
“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers…probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate…,” stressed the president-elect.
Experts are of the opinion that it will not be a difficult task for the Trump administration to deport immigrants, as the machinery is already in place. Currently, the US has a large infrastructure for arresting, detaining and deporting immigrants. In the last eight years, outgoing President Barrack Obama deported more than 2.5 million people (more than any other president). Also, Obama more than doubled the number of border patrol agents, increased border surveillance and contracted the country’s largest prison company to help detain migrants.
President-elect Trump will adopt a similar ‘exit strategy’ for immigrants. During campaigning, he spoke of raising a “deportation force”. He also said that concerned officers would work with local and state officials to round up illegal immigrants with criminal records immediately.
Interestingly, outgoing President Obama took executive actions to shield eligible migrants, including so-called “Dreamers” or those who were brought into the US as children, from deportation. But, Trump has pledged to rescind those orders.
As per a report on the current demographic situation in America, the country’s total population is 319 million. While the number of native people is 277 million, the number of foreign born people is 42 billion. The report also reveals that 17.4% of the total American population is Hispanic (including whites and blacks), 13.3% is black, 61.6% white, 5.6% Asian and 2.1% is mixed.
As far as top 10 immigrant roots are concerned, the report claims that majority of the people (living in America since 2013) has come from Mexico (11,584,977), China (2,383,831), India (2,034,677), Philippines (1,843,989), Vietnam (1,281,010), El Salvador (1,252,067), Cuba (1,144,024), South Korea (1,070,335), Dominican Republic (991,046) and Guatemala (902,293).
So, Mexican people will be in deep trouble in the coming days, as 52% of America’s 11.1 million illegal immigrants (or 3.5% of the total population) are Mexicans. Moreover, 66% of the illegal immigrants have lived in the US for over a decade.


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