Theresa May: Post-Brexit Britain Needs India

On the second day of her ongoing three-day visit to India, British Prime Minister Theresa May explained her government’s future plan for the South Asian nation, saying that she was in India to push for more trade with the world’s fastest-growing major economy.
PM May said on Tuesday that India emerged as an important trade partner of Britain in the post-Brexit scenario. Speaking at a business event, May also said that she was eager to open formal negotiations with the Indians on a trade deal, as Britain wanted to strike new bilateral deals outside the European Union (EU).
The Indian media reported that inventor James Dyson and head of the British government’s Department for International Trade Liam Fox – the two prominent figures in the Brexit camp who are accompanying the PM in India – discussed ways to boost bilateral trade ties with top Indian officials. While holding talks with his Indian counterpart Nirmala Sitharaman, Fox said that London would start full-fledged negotiations on trade deals with India after officially leaving the European bloc in 2019.
Meanwhile, Indian Foreign Secretary Subrahmanyam Jaishankar has welcomed the British government’s decision to boost trade ties with India, saying: “India’s importance for Britain is from the fact that it is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a huge market. And India sees an opportunity post-Brexit as the long pending India-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has not seen much movement and so there is an opportunity for it to get more favourable (trade) terms from the UK.”
Earlier, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked Britain for supporting the South Asian country’s NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) membership bid.
Speaking at a joint press conference with the visiting British PM in New Delhi on Monday evening, the Indian premier said that India would always remember Britain’s support to it at UN Security Council and NSG voting at the world body. Modi believes that the two nations share similar views on different global issues and it brings them closer.
Premier Modi further thanked his British counterpart for backing India’s stand on the issue of cross-border terror, saying: “I conveyed our deep concerns to PM May regarding cross-border terror and the need for international community to take strong action.” The PM added: “We agreed that terrorism is not a limited security challenge, it moves across borders and affects entire humanity.”
Modi told the press: “We looked at full range of our partnership today, agreed to have new dimensions and initiative to broaden scope of our linkages, in my extensive discussion with PM May we looked at the full range of our partnership. We agreed to touch new dimensions and horizons.”
Prime Minister May, too, informed the media that New Delhi and London agreed to strengthen the trade partnership between the two countries. She claimed that the move would help Britain overcome post-Brexit crisis. May stressed that her government would encourage British companies to build partnership with Indian enterprise and to look at the multiple opportunities in the Indian defence sector.


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